Früh Kölsch

Distinctive to the city of Cologne, Germany since 1904, Früh Kölsch has a long been known as a fresh, light, and delicate all-natural, top fermented beer. In a country dominated by lagers of all strengths and colours, Kölsch is Germany’s only true, all barley, pale ale, easy on, and enjoyed by many palette’s. So popular is Früh, that Cologne’s Früh Beer Hall is the second largest in Germany, serving over 2.5 million people annually the entire Kölsch experience. Even more interesting is that due to the style of beer, Kölsch is served in a unique, tall thin glass known as a “stange” rather than the typical pint glass North Americans are used to.

Früh Can
Früh Basket
Früh Lemon Radler